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Escape to Burma

Thai labour to Burma ^^


Getting VISA -- arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh

I can't stand Bangkok heat wave anymore. Gotta find somewhere to go .. or else the savings (which is not mine) will go rotted!! hehe ^^

Air Asia is supposed to offer the lowest deal at this hour. last Friday we checked the price and the fare is quite acceptable. (5,000 bht - round trip BKK-Rangoong) We'll catch early flight (7 am) this coming Friday.

Now comes the visa issue. Burma has no visa on arrival. Despite being a Thai, you still need to apply for visa. The guide book said you can either go to the embassy yourself (on north Sathon rd.) or spend lil more money at visa service available at Kaosarn road. The process should take 2-3 days.

AS we decided to buy ticket 5 days before the flight. That doesnt leave us much time for application. But from the guide book, there should be no prob. So we headed to Kaosarn road with passport, 2 photos, and money.

Life is not easy on us this time. Finding a travel agent who's willing to service you with 100% confidence seems as easy as finding a drop of water in the desert! Monday and Tuesday turn out to be holiday (damn, normally i love holidays!) So we have only Wednesday and Thursday left for the application process.

Worst of all, there seems to be double standard for Thai and Farang (western) applicants. Many travel agents insist that Burmese embassy takes longer time to process western applicants, especially american!! So 2 days time is very risky. Many said we've got slim chance to get it before Friday.

After almost hour of searching, at the last agent, we paid 2,200 baht each for the service!! (others offer 1,400 -1,800 for a 2-day-service) But at that time, we were hopeless and exhausted. Plus, the owner showed such confidence that we feel (lil bit) better. Still, he guaranteed that as a Thai, i'll get visa on Thursday for sure. But he can't 100% guarantee the american's application!

In worst case, we'll find out on Wednesday if we both get the visa. Then we'll see how we'll proceed from there!!

woooh...BIG finger crossed! (*^__^*)

P.S. : our travel agent's name is "Pawana" ..that means "Pray" in Thai..how ironic!!

So guys...help us pray...will come update the result again this coming Wednesday...which is..tomorrow! arhhhhhhh

Good day ka ^^

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One day in Bangkok

rain 27 °C


One day in Bangkok


Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is a bustling metropolitan. The city is big, dynamic, and crazy. But if you have only one day to experience Bangkok, which spot would you go, and what would you do to make the best out of it?

If it’s your first and only day in Bangkok, history and cultures might be a nice way to learn more about the city. Then pour your energy to a one-day cultural trip. This is pretty easy as every guidebook would finger point to the tourist attractions area where you can find series of temples in a walking distance.

The Temple of the Emerald Buddha
The Grand Palace
Wat Pho
The Temple of Dawn (Wat Cheang)

Tha Phra Chan pier (Moon pier) + foodie stalls + amulet market
Tha Phra Athit (Sun pier) : relax in the park by the Chao Phraya river

Pack your gear, dress properly, and start early. With the same 250 baht ticket you pay for at the Grand Palace, you can also visit Vimanmek mansion, the biggest teak wood mansion in the world as well as Suan Pakkad palace within the same day.

Been to all the scenes ? Fancy something else? Then here are some things you can do in Bangkok for more adventurous aspects.

1. Issue fake ID/license at Kao san road and taste some fried bugs on street hawkers

2. See some real Tom Yum Goong scene at “Ratchadumneoun Boxing stadium” (entrance fee for locals 250 Bht /for foreigners 1,200 Bht)

3. Check out the top view of Bangkok on the 72rd floor of Bai Yok Tower II

4. Enrich your mind with some cultural performances: Joe-Louis Puppet show at Suan Lum Night Bazaar or Siam Niramitr show next to the National Cultural Center)

5. Get yourself hungover with Sangsom and Maekhong Thai whisky (errmm..obviously not the thing I should recommend in the list I should recommend but hell, can’t really resist that!!)

6. Once in the mood, Treat yourself royally by watching a movie, buying gold seat at EGV—expect massaging chair, pillow, blanket, snacks, and wine!!

7. Do aerobic together with other locals in the park (Lumpini park / Phra Sumen park) or if you stay near Jatujak—go to Suan Rot Fai (Railway Park) Rent a bike, ride around, and just relax in the park.

8. Arrange yourself to some dinner cruise or explore your new dining atmosphere—go to China town at night, loads of yummy street food

9. Visit a real night market at Sapan Poot (Rama I bridge). Fresh up your apartment with a bunch of flowers from Paak Klong Talaad or flower market at night then walk across the Chao Phraya river on Rama the IIV bridge , appreciate a peaceful night.

10. Check out the Amphawan floating market-not the commercial one at Damneounsaduak. This is real deal, real market with lots of traditional food/desserts, go watch firefly in their natural habitat, something which is quite rare to find these days—The place is 1 hour from Bangkok.

11. Try all kinds of transportation if possible, taxi, sky train, subway, bus, boat, motorbike taxi,..hmm..no need to board on plane for traveling within Bangkok—sometimes if the traffic is heavy, you might have wished you’ve got a helicopter—too bad, we’ve got none for public.

If you are shopping lover-then just indulge yourself in absolute shopping spree :
Brand names --> Siam Paragon / Gaysorn Plaza / Emporium
Hip clothes + fashionable items --> Siam Square / MBK
IT mania --> Pantip plaza / MBK
Wholesale and all on sales --> Pratunam / Bobae tower / Platinum mall
Whole nine yard --> Chatujak weekend market
At night --> Suan Lum night bazaar

Not enough? ...hmmm...maybe you should consider staying more than 1 day!!!

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